The LOOSE CANNON PRESS Collection of

(composed by Vern Pat Nelson.)

Compositions Available--click for descriptions & excerpts:

(Half of these links contain midi files, like the one you should be hearing now; half of them contain Real Audio files. To hear the latter you need to have Real Player, which is both free and great. If you don't have it yet, click here:)

Choir Directors: For the prices mentioned above, I can either mail you a full score and vocal score of the piece, created exquisitely on Finale... with the understanding that you can make as many copies as necessary for performance in your group.

I know, some of you may not have much of a budget for buying new music, and I do prefer my music being performed than not. If you have the temerity to plead absolute poverty, I could send it for postage and handling... but I am trying to make a living here, so do what you feel is right.


I always want to be informed when my pieces are being performed, both for personal gratification, and because ASCAP gives me more money when there are more performances anywhere. Also, I would like a copy of any recordings you can make of my pieces.

Commissioning: Half these pieces would not exist if certain choirs did not have the decency and initiative to commission me to write them. For a reasonable price you can have a great new piece written especially for your group, with exclusive performing rights for a year! (And if your choir has a website, and either performs or commissions a piece of mine, I will put a link to you from here.)

E-mail Vern for any of these purposes.
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