for children's chorus and piano, by Vern Pat Nelson.
(Click the speaker to hear a Real Audio File of the AUSTIN CHILDREN'S CHOIR singing this song:)

Syncopation, Syncopation...
It's when the accent's not on the beat;
It's when the music picks up its feet, the way these 4-notes-over-3 give this song a kick;
A single note can qualify too,
Part of the tune or out of the blue (eg. this oddball piano chord's syncopated here:)
We think you get the general idea!
Songs were dull and lifeless till the world discovered
Syncopation Syncopation Syncopation, RIGHT ON!
Locked up in a dark concert hall,
Wrapped around in theories and all,
Western Music sat on a wall,
Western Music had a great fall......

To purchase this fine piece of music for your children's choir, well, all you have to do is E-mail the composer.

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