for children's chorus a cappella, by Vern Pat Nelson.
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1. "My Candle Burns At Both Ends"
(my candle burns at both ends.......)
My candle burns at both ends; it will not last the night,
But--ah, my foes! and oh, my friends!--it gives a lovely light;
It gives a lovely light....

Safe upon the solid rock, the ugly houses stand;
Come and see my shining palace built upon the sand!

2. "Song Of The Nations"
Out of night and alarm,
Out of darkness and dread,
Out of old hate, grudge and distrust,
sin and remorse, passion and blindness,
shall come dawn and the birds,
shall come slacking of greed, snapping of fear.
Love shall fold warm like a cloak round the shuddering earth, till its woes cease.

After terrible dreams,
After crying in sleep,
Grief beyond thought, twisting of hands,
tears from shut lids wetting the pillow,
shall come sun on the wall,
shall come sounds from the street, children at play.
Bubbles too big blown, and dreams filled too heavy with horror shall burst
and in mist fall.

Sing then, you who were dumb!
Shout then, into the dark!
Are we not one?
Are not our hearts hot from one fire, and in one mold cast???
Out of night and alarm,
Out of terrible dreams,
Reach me your hand!
This is the meaning of all that we suffered in sleep:
The white peace of the waking.

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