---a Christmas song---
words by Anne Collins Smith, music by Vern Pat Nelson

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or on this one to hear the Austin Girls' Choir sing the beginning of the song:            
(This lovely song has become a great Christmastime hit in Texas....)

Moses brought commandments down, written in fire on stone;
Jesus brought the Law of Love, written in Himself alone.

In a still small whisper, in a baby's cry,
God's majesty came down to us from on high.
In a humble stable, ox and ass nearby,
This baby's birth means we shall never die,
This baby's birth means we shall never die.

David dwelt in cedar halls, and wore a crown of gold.
Jesus wore a crown of thorns, but he is the king foretold.


Noah lived 950 years, Methuselah 19 years more;
Jesus died at 33, but he lives forevermore...


Christmas is coming up! Stop procrastinating!!!
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