Thanks to SibeliusMusic.Com and their free Scorch® Plug-In, you can now examine, hear, purchase and print the sheet music to many of Vern Nelson's compositions online!  What is available so far is a sampling of some of his most popular and frequently-performed instrumental, secular and religious compositions and arrangements:


"From the Pathetique Sonata" for tuba and piano (FREE; arrangement from Beethoven)
SONATA FOR 2 TUBAS, mvt. 1 , mvt. 2, and mvt. 3 (you can also click here to hear a better Midi file of the Sonata))
"Barcarolle" from Killer Tuba Songs (tuba and piano)
Much more coming soon!

Vocal (secular):

THREE LATIN-AMERICAN SONGS, arranged for children's choir(or treble choir) a cappella:
1. La Pájara Pinta
2. Señora Santana
3. La Cucaracha

TEN LATIN-AMERICAN FOLK SONGS, arranged for voice and piano:
1. La Zandunga
2. La Noche Está Serena
3. O Brillante Estrella (also a Christmas song)
4. Arroyo Claro
5. Niño Lindo (also a Christmas song)
6. A La Ru (also a Christmas song)
7. Señora Santana
8. Cielito Lindo
9. La Llorona
10. Lucumí

THE POSADAS: Mexican Christmas carol/medley arranged for choir, guitar and flute (commissioned by the Santa Ana High School choir 2001, dir. Cathy Cobb-Woll)

More coming soon!


In A Still Small Whisper (Christmas song for children's choir)

Joy To The World!  Concertato on Antioch for choir, congregation, brass quintet, organ and timpani

"Bilingual Christmas Aleluya" for SATB & piano (actually verse #46 of the Misa Tejana Aleluya)

"Bilingual Easter Vigil Aleluya" for SATB & piano (actually verse #55 of the Misa Tejana Aleluya)

"Bilingual Wedding Aleluya" for voice & piano (actually verse #38 of the Misa Tejana Aleluya)

"From Zion" version of Psalm 128 for weddings, for voice and piano (or two guitars)

From THE LONE STAR PSALTER (Vern's legendary collection of 100 Psalm Responsorials):
1. Harden Not Your Hearts (from Psalm 95)
2. His Saving Power (from Psalm 98)
3. Help From the Lord (from Psalm 121)
4. Lord We Are the People (from Psalm 24)
5. When Your Glory Appears (from Psalm 17)
6. Rule With Justice (from Psalm 98)
7. A Prayer for Jerusalem (from Psalm 122)
8. Thanksgiving Psalm (from Psalm 67--GREAT CHORAL PIECE!)
9. The Lord Will Bless His People With Peace (from Psalm 29)
10. I Come To Do Your Will (from Psalm 40)
11. Whom Should I Fear? (from Psalm 27)
12. Happy The Poor In Spirit (from Psalm 148)
13. The Just Woman (from Psalm 112)
15. Kind and Merciful (from Psalm 103)
17. Ash Wednesday Psalm (from Psalm 51)
18. Let Your Mercy Be On Us (from Psalm 33)
19. Psalm 23
20. There Is Mercy (from Psalm 130)
21. Psalm 22 (for Palm or Passion Sunday)
22. Our Blessing-Cup (from Psalm 116, for HOLY THURSDAY))
23. Good Friday Psalm (from Psalm31)
24. The Goodness of the Lord (from Psalm 33; #1 from the Easter Vigil Suite)
25. Keep Me Safe (from Psalm 16;  #2 from the Easter Vigil Suite)
         25B. Guárdame (Spanish-language version of Keep Me Safe)
26. Covered in Glory (from Exodus 15;  #3 from the Easter Vigil Suite)
27. Rescue (from Psalm 30;  #4 from the Easter Vigil Suite)
28. Draw Water Joyfully (from Isaiah 12;  #5 from the Easter Vigil Suite)
29. Words of Everlasting Life (from Psalm 19;  #6 from the Easter Vigil Suite)
30. A Clean Heart (from Psalm 51;  #7 from the Easter Vigil Suite)
31. Easter Psalm (from Psalm 118)
32. His Love is Everlasting (from Psalm 118)
33. The Path To Life (from Psalm 16)
34. Earth Cry Out! (from Psalm 66)
35. Ascension Psalm (from Psalm 47)
36. In The Land Of The Living (from Psalm27)
37. Pentecost Psalm (from Psalm 104)
46. The Hand of the Lord (from Psalm 145)
49. The Queen Stands At Your Right Hand (from Psalm 45; for the ASSUMPTION)
51. My Soul is Thirsting (from Psalm 63)
59. Walk In His Ways (from Psalm 128--Also good for WEDDINGS)
60. Wedding-Psalm #1 "The Lord is Compassionate" (from Psalm 145)
61. Advent Song (from Psalm 80)
63. Brand New Song (from Psalm 98--GREAT CHORAL PIECE!)
64. El Todopoderoso (from Mary's Magnificat, in Luke--Spanish refrain & English verses)
         64B. El Todopoderoso (all-Spanish version)
66. Christmas Psalm (from Psalm 97--GREAT CHORAL PIECE!)
67. May God Bless Us In His Mercy (from Psalm 67)
68. Epiphany Psalm (from Psalm 72)
77. Prueben Y Vean (bilingual "Taste and See") from Psalm 34
99. Wedding-Psalm #2 :Let All Praise the Name of the Lord! (from Psalm 148)
100. Para Siempre Cantaré (bilingual setting of Psalm 89 for Christmas Vigil):
      vocal & piano version
      CHORAL version

MUCH more coming soon!

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LONE STAR LITURGICAL MUSIC (religious compositions)


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("Spirit Jam", from Vern's Pentecost cantata Veni Creator Spiritus)