Vern Pat Nelson's MIDI files

First and foremost, if these MIDI files sound shitty, IT IS NOT MY FAULT!  A MIDI file will only sound as good as the MIDI player you have in your computer.  For example, the first one below---Ave Maria Lola---should sound somewhat like piano, bass, drums and brass.  If it sounds like a little plastic merry-go-round on a birthday cake, then don't bother listening to any of these, you will just think I am a dork.

Secondly, if you are smart enough to know how to steal these midi files, send them to friends, and put them on your own web site---which most people are nowadays---just please at least give me credit, in the way of for example a link to my site, or an e-mail link to  Thankyou.  So here they are, some of my favorite midi files that I've made so far:  

AVE MARIA LOLA---a salsa arrangement of Schubert's famous Ave Maria ("Ave Maria Lola" is a Carribean expletive.)  

RAVEL'S BOLERO---with a different beat.  I made this for my ex-brother-in-law's spice-selling website.  

A NIGHT IN TUNISIA---by Dizzy Gillespie, with my crazy piano and marimba solos... this is sort of the way my band The Vern Nelson Problem plays this song.  

SPIRIT JAM---orchestral interlude (4th movement) from my nine-movement Pentecost cantata Veni Creator Spiritus; this movement is based on the ancient Gregorian chant of that name... once again, with a different beat.  

PACHELBEL'S CANON---There are just so many horrible versions of this popular baroque piece, especially in midi.... a wedding consultant's site paid me 100$ to make this.  

AMAZING GRACE---a simple arrangement of the old hymn, I made this for a friend of mine's "Christian" site.  

"BLUESY MIDI"---never thought of a title for this; a Las Vegas webmistress wanted something "bluesy and mysterious" so I composed this... it should be "looped" so right when it ends it starts again...  

CROW---someone wanted this popular hit from the 90's which you may recognize... it's also sposta be looped....

SATIE---One of my favorite Erik Satie pieces, the second half of his "Pieces Froides"... this being just me playing the piano, it should even sound ok on a shitty old-fashioned FM-synthesizer midi player...

CLAIR DE LUNE by Claude Debussy---also just me playing piano... a perennial favorite of course...

THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY--- theme from the great Segio Leone western (composed by Ennio Morricone)-- I made this for the website of a gun store in Texas, Vaquero Leather.

CHURCHYEAR.MID--for the home page of the Order of the Holy Cross; this is meant to be LOOPED!