by Vern Pat Nelson, opus 1 (1983-4)


When I decided to write these pieces, my first serious compositions, I was inspired by the great flute-&-piano sonatas of Prokoviev, Poulenc, and Franck, that I had been performing with various flautists. And they have been performed a lot... at least a dozen times in the San Francisco Bay Area by me and JANET KUTULAS (whom you will hear on these wave files... see below for interesting Janet Kutulas story*)... also by the Swiss flautist Piet De Boer in New Haven, and the late great LEE GANNON in Austin, Texas. The biggest problem with these pieces is that the PIANO PART is EXTREMELY CHALLENGING. But I know you can find someone who can do it!

"Like dreams of Prokoviev and Poulenc, but motorized--rich, rambling, sensual and fanciful..."---Elinor Armer
"Convincing, rich in invention, and varied in expressive content..."---Andrew Imbrie
"He is some kind of genius."---Daniel Revenaugh (after hearing these pieces)


(by the way, do you still need ??)

1. Playing With Guns. Very high-energy opening piece. Click on the flute below to hear the beginning of it:

2. Nipple Art. This is a fairly involved rondo, which starts cute and pretty, like the excerpt recorded here; but gets big, dark and stormy in the middle. Click to hear the beginning:

3. "They are sickness' breath..." The beautiful slow movement. Everyone loves it... and it's not too hard to play. Click to hear the beginning:

4. Knot-Slapping Music. This is a wild, high-energy piece, which begins with a long flute solo that allows some room for improvisation! (We have never performed it the same way twice.) Click here to hear the end of the solo introduction, into the beginning of the piece proper:

And you've GOT to hear how the whole piece ends, it's pretty exciting

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*Oh yes, about Janet Kutulas. She was riding her bike through Golden Gate Park one evening, and a gang of muggers stuck a stick through the spokes of her front wheel, and she flew forward and landed on her hands, breaking half the bones she played flute with. Well, after several years of painful therapy, she is playing as well as ever again, or so I hear.