Elegy For John McMurray

piano solo by Vern Pat Nelson (1986)

part one: "The Desert"

part two: "The Rider"


This virtuosic piano piece was written in memory of my best friend and roommate who died at the age of 22.  The first section, "The Desert" is mainly desolate, though it builds to a big emotional climax and comes back down; since the sonorities of piano are important to it, it is represented here by two Real Audio files.   The second section, "The Rider" is an extremely violent and difficult toccatta; but since sonority is a little less important than the actual composition and rhythmic life, I made a midi file of the whole thing.  Please contact the composer via E-Mail if you would like a score of this piece, or a cassette of this and other Vern Nelson compositions.


---Real Audio File of the first half of "The Desert"

(if you still need Real Player...)

---Real Audio File of the end of "The Desert" and the beginning of "The Rider"

---MIDI File of "The Rider" (Remember, this is not a real piano now)

Photograph of John copyright 1981 by Chris Van Dran, used with permission.
Drawing at top by Steve Pezurro, 1985; an advertisement for John's band Airtight Garage.

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